Inflame is a student-run journal that publishes student-written history papers at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools.

We released our 2016-2017 Issue (Volume V) over the summer. Congratulations to the accepted authors!

Editor Applications for 2017-2018 are now open! Check below for more details.


  • Editor in Chief - Harrison Shapiro
  • Editor in Chief - Anna Kenig-Zeisler
  • Managing Editor for Outreach - Chloe Schneewind
  • Managing Technological Editor - Jamal Nimer
  • Page Editor - Madison Christmas

Editor Applications

The 2017 Editor application is now available. You can download an application by clicking here

Please submit your application using the turnitin portal explained below.

Submissions are open through November 1st, 2017.

Submit Via Turnitin

Please log onto and enroll in the "Inflame" class with the following information
Class ID: 16402155
Password: Scholarship

Before submitting, please remove all traces of your name, class, and any other identifying information from your paper.